Innovation Metrics – Podcast

About the Episode Elijah Eilert of the Innovation Metrics Podcast is talking to Esther Gons, author of the Innovation Accounting Book, about the importance of having innovation accounting established as a second system within large organisations. Without this second system, breakthrough innovation is highly unlikely…no matter how skilled individual people are and what great ideas they have.  Many […]

Inspirational women leaders of tech – Interview

Asa part of my series about “Lessons From Inspirational Women Leaders in Tech”, I had the pleasure of interviewing Esther Gons. Esther Gons is the founder and CEO of GroundControl, innovation software that focuses heavily on innovation accounting and helps corporate startup teams with the development of new business models and the author of Innovation […]

Inside Outside Innovation -Podcast

The Inside Outside Innovation podcast explores the ins and outs of innovation. We focus on raw stories, real insights, and tactical advice from the best and brightest in startups and corporate innovation. Each week, we highlight people in innovation, perspectives, and processes. Join our community of founders, builders, and creators to help speed up your knowledge, skills, […]

Innovation Talks+ -Podcast

Esther joins me today to discuss the necessity for innovation accounting. She highlights the different types of innovation and how to align them within your business and goals. She shares the definition of innovation accounting and discusses how this applies to startups. Esther shares how validated learning and innovation accounting tell the journey of your […]

Idea to Value – Podcast

In today’s episode of the Idea to Value podcast, we speak with Ether Gons, Founder of GroundControl and author of the Corporate Startup (with Dan Toma) and Innovation Accounting. We speak about what it takes to measure innovation progress, what companies and analysts get wrong, and how to think about metrics and KPIs in a different way.

three screen perfection

Spending a very relaxing evening… “met mintnopjes’ can really keep this up for hours, blogging, reading, watching, drawing, tweeting, … on the couch with my favorite screens..

The making of… a sketchnote, wilg’s story

How do you make them.. ? Why do you make them..? How long does it take..? Many have approached me to aks these questions. So I have decided to write a post to try and explain. Sketchnotes, the making of.. The why is easy, my notes have always been in sketches, quotes and nodes to […]

May 4th 2009

Went to the local memorial today.. May 4th 2009. Just to be silent with others. Watching listening always feels special.