How do you make them.. ? Why do you make them..? How long does it take..? Many have approached me to aks these questions. So I have decided to write a post to try and explain. Sketchnotes, the making of..

The why is easy, my notes have always been in sketches, quotes and nodes to make connections or draw relations. It makes me remember things more easy. When it proofed helpful to others I simple gave some more attention to them so that others would be able to read them as well.

The how takes a bit more explaining. They are not just sketches, neither just notes. A sketchnote takes me as long as the speaker is talking. I listen to the story and make it my own. My interpretation and all what I pick up while listening will appear on paper.. In every sketchnote I usually pick up on insights or relations. I sometimes even relate outside the speakers story, just because this is how my mind works. In a way every sketchnote is my version of a blogpost of a presentation all wrapped up in one drawing.

I enjoy making sketchnotes when passionate speakers speak about things I relate to. So web and social media is my favorite subject. I relate and understand this. So I can make connections and insights. Sketching The Wext Web ’09 in Amsterdam was a great thing to do. And judging on Boris’s Flickr stats (where my skethcnotes where posted) –as well as my own– other enjoyed them too! I’ll just keep on sketchnoting, hoping others will keep enjoying them. So that one day, I’ll be the official sketchnoter for Leweb in Paris. Or other big influential conferences. Making me a very happy sketching @wilg!

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